Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why blog?

As I have mentioned in the blog description, this is an attempt to record insights and conundrums that come and (since they are not recorded) go. We all ask questions when we get stuck, while beating our heads against merciless demons like the society and the system, when we feel wronged or cheated or when something all of a sudden fascinates us. Sometimes our questions are answered, and at other times we learn to live with the mysteries of the world around us.

But nonetheless, I feel asking questions is important. After all who knows how deep the rabbit hole runs? You will never know unless you make an attempt to uncover the truth, open your mind to new possibilities, and stop shielding yourself from shocks and surprises... asking is the first step towards finding out what lies beneath.

Not every search leads to a treasure. Similarly inquiries into why things are the way they are can lead to nowhere. Or worst, we might end up finding out something we did not want to know; something that makes us uncomfortable or unhappy. But then, like the classical thought experiment called Schrödinger's cat attempts to illustrate, you will never know till you open the box!

This blog is my attempt to open the box, to ask questions. My goal is to simply understand what I can and keep a list of the things that need further investigation or thought. I hope the questions that I talk about here will whet the appetite for inquiry in my readers as well. I solicit answers/thoughts/insights pertinent to the issues at hand and suggestions for things my readers would like to see discussed.

And before signing off, one disclaimer: I reserve the right to ask DUMB questions! J After all, why not??