Friday, August 22, 2008

So what am I PhDing in?

Ahhh Academia! Here I am again.... Almost 15 months after leaving Robot Vision Laboratory, Purdue University and 2 months after leaving Read-Ink Technologies Pvt. Limited, Bangalore here I am at Advanced Computing and Informations Systems Laboratory, University of Florida!

And, btw my welcome-party here includes a surprise performance by Fay!

My friend Mridul once narrated a conversation that he had with his adviser regarding when is it too late for a person to think about doing a PhD. The conversation boiled down to this: "if you can name even three areas/topics/questions that intrigue you and which you want to grasp, you qualify!"

Hmmm... on the question of inquisitiveness, 'll, I ain't sure 'bout how hungry for knowledge I'm.... but 'sure 'm Mal-knowledge-ed!!

So to come to the question raised in the topic of this post and which so many people have asked me, the answer is "I don't know yet"...

Its a whole new universe out here and for me the journey has just begun!